Agriculture - The Pan Group: Improvement of Green-Oriented Development Strategies

With a mission of “developing and empowering agriculture of Vietnam by providing high quality products with origins from a completed value chain from Vietnam to the world”, The Pan Group (formerly Pan Pacific) has identified sustainability as an important aspect. Vietnam Business Foruminterviewed Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra My, Chairwoman and CEO of the CSC Vietnam, a major shareholder of the Pan Group. Le Sang reports.

With a vision of being a leading company in the field of Agriculture and Food, could you please tell us about the Pan Group’s investment and development strategies for green-oriented goals?

With the current strategy, one of the prerequisites to cooperate with the Pan Group is that the partner is required to build up a management system for sustainable development, including commitments with environmental protection, prevention of pollution, and compliance with the legal system. We also give the requirements for occupational safety issues, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

Namely, the Pan Group and its subsidiaries are applying international standards, including ISO14000, MFCA, and ASC, to manage environmental issues. These standards will help manage the environment in accordance with the world standards for each subsidiary of the Pan Group. Additionally, for manufacturing companies, the Pan Group strongly invests in modern technology to create environment friendly products.

The group has established a Sustainable Development Sub-Committee under the Board of Directors to direct all operations related to the environment. For foreign shareholders such as the IFC of the World Bank, the Pan Group not only proves its financial commitments but also its social commitments for sustainability. Currently, the Pan Group wants to determine its transformation from foundation stage to inclusive development stage.

The Vietnamese government has identified the critical role of the enterprises in the process of environmental protection. How does the Pan Group commit to the green-oriented development strategy for sustainability?

The Pan Group determines to pursue the establishment and development of the agriculture and food industry in accordance with clean and friendly environment, beneficial to all communities. We will develop sources of seed, cultivation methods, farming, and distribution to bring right products to each consumer. Therefore, we fully believe that with our efforts, we can control all the environmental impacts at each stage.

 The fact shows that at the beginning of implementation of M&As in the agriculture and food industries, we identified the potentials and risks related to the sustainable development issues, which helps build up a monitoring system to control the environmental impacts and improve the value chain with a commitment to the environmental protection in all stages. Also, in the action plans to build social corporate responsibility, the companies of the group will join hands to launch and build environmental awareness in the community, particularly in the regions the partners of the group are working.

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